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  PepShop is an unified web-portal of neuropeptide and prohormone (or proprotein) information. Sequence and mass spectra data is integrated from cleavage prediction and other bionformatics tools mainly from NeuroPred and SwePep with information and tools from UniProt, NCBI.
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NeuroPred Parameters
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Trim C-terminal K and R
Most Common PTMs
Less Common PTMs
Amidation O-linked Glycosylation of S N-linked Glycosylation of S Bromination of W
Pyroglutamination O-linked Glycosylation of T N-linked Glycosylation of T Methylation of E
Acetylation Dipeptidase Hydroxylation of P Methylation of H
Sulfation of Y Carboxylation of E Phosphorylation of S Methylation of K
  DiAcetylation Phosphorylation of T Methylation of R

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